December 2015

Make county government open and transparent!

Todd Milliron wants to:

  • Put the Kendall County Check-Book online so you, the voter, can see each month how your tax dollars are being spent. It is something I proposed on several occasions and even went so far as to provide the source for free software to accomplish this goal to the current Kendall County Board on 12-1-2009. To date, this idea has not been implemented for posting County Bills, Invoices, Credit Card Statements and Checks.

  • Form and empanel a Countywide Law Enforcement Citizen Oversight Committee, made up of local citizens and seasoned area law enforcement professionals to review Citizen Complaints made against local law enforcement. Mandated Body Cameras are coming and we need to allow local citizens an avenue to be able to access and use this new technology to maintain accepted standards for professional law enforcement and help identify areas where more training is needed. I have identified other Citizen Oversight/Review Bodies that execute this function at no taxpayer expense and do so for policing agencies that perform law enforcement for similar sized populations as that of Kendall County. That research was performed at the request of Kendall County Sheriff Dwight Baird and was recently shared with Sheriff Baird, so we can learn from others and don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Currently the County is in Labor Negotiations with the employees of the Kendall Sheriff’s Dept. so now is a good time to have this Citizen Oversight Panel discussion.

  • Cap the next two years’ County controlled spending to 2015-2016 allocated expenditure levels. This can be accomplished by freezing the County Budget or freezing the County’s Property Tax levies to current levels to hold the line on County Government controlled spending for two years. Freezing the County Budget would be my preferred method, it will allow the new County Board additional flexibility to move non-designated tax payer funds around where they are needed. Tightening the county purse strings will help other elected officials to identify budget line items which can be reallocated to other areas of need within their Dept. This initiative will set priorities for more efficient local government operations.

  • Provide One Common Kendall County Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request document and make it mandatory for all elected offices to use.

  • Provide more user friendly Online Access to the Kendall County Circuit Clerk’s Office. If Kane County can do it for the 16th Judicial District, Kendall County should also be able to do it using the same JANO technology that is utilized at the Kendall Court House public computer terminals. Both the Kane and Kendall County Clerk’s offices use the JANO (J-Walk-Java) software, but there is a vast difference in being able to find what you may be looking for easily and efficiently. We made a start and progress has been made in this area for online public access to Kendall Court Records. This feature for public access to court records was something I brought forward and discussed in citizen comments at past board meetings in 2009. This public access for Court Information was just made available to taxpayers in the summer of 2011. Currently, the system is not very user friendly compared to neighboring Kane County, but it is beginning and proof that the Kendall County Circuit Clerk office does listen. As a Board Member, I will ensure her office gets the support it needs to be more citizen friendly and transparent.

  • Your candidate, Todd Milliron, has requested everything outlined above by speaking out at the microphone in open meetings in front of our current Kendall County Board members during Citizen Comments. It is a matter of public record that my requests for more transparency have been ignored. I have been making these Open Government requests for better public access on behalf of all Citizens of Kendall County. However, I need your help to make it happen. I ask for your vote for Kendall County Board District One.