December 2017

Biography for Todd Milliron

My name is Todd Milliron and, as a young man, I worked for more than 10 years in the oilfields of Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma and also made it my business to find time for a college education. I graduated from Kansas State University in 1986 at the age of 29 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. My goal was to work myself through college and graduate debt free.

In the spring of 1983, I met the lady who would become my wife; Pam and I had a long distance relationship for 3 years after the K-mart Corporation transferred Pam to the Chicagoland area. I left Kansas upon graduation from KSU to come and be with Pam, who was living at the time in Aurora, where I immediately found work flipping burgers.

After about two months, I found a job with an insurance agency in Geneva, IL. I struck out on my own in Nov. 1987 to work as an independent insurance agent and have been my own boss, working on straight commission ever since.

My clients know that I am a “Service Man”, not a salesman, and there is a difference. That business philosophy has paid many dividends over the years. I was told if you build your house upon a rock of firm beliefs, it will always stand tall against what the world will throw at you. It is my faith in the Lord, always drawing upon how I was raised by my parents and church family and living by the Golden Rule that keeps me grounded. I was raised to not be afraid, to try and believe that one person can make a difference.

I married Pam in December 1988 and it was the best decision I ever made. I am truly blessed and thank the Lord every day for the life I have been given and allowed to earn in this great country of ours. We have three children, Nicole, age 27, a 2008 graduate of the Illinois Math and Science Academy who then graduated Magna Cum Laude from Iowa State in 2012 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Nicole has been employed by the Boeing Company since graduation and lives in Seattle, Washington. Amber, age 24, my second daughter, graduated after 7 semesters at Lewis University in Romeoville in Dec. 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Amber graduated High Honors and was on the Dean’s list every semester. Amber has been employed as a Supervisor at Dayton Freight Corporation in Crest Hill, IL. since her graduation and owns her own home in Joliet, IL. So we now have 2 kids out of the nest. C. J., my only son is a 2015 Yorkville High School graduate and is now a Junior at Lakeland University in Plymouth Wisconsin.

We bought our first home in 1996 on Cotswold Drive and this is the home my three kids grew up in and I hope to be able to continue to afford to pay the property tax bill on. What wonderful, caring friends and neighbors I have nearby and in town.

Many of the individuals I called on early in my insurance career are still clients of mine to this day. I really enjoy what I do and it allows me the freedom to be the father that I am and to do the extra things that I care about that makes a difference to others.

I have helped coach the beginning kid wrestling group for the Yorkville Wrestling Club for 8 years. I have been an active volunteer within the Yorkville School District and have watched my children grow and mature into the young adults they now are. I enjoy Blues Music and was Vice President of the Yorkville Music Boosters from 2003 to 2011. My wife Pam was also the Yorkville Music Boosters Treasurer from 2003 to 2011. We care about the music programs offered in Yorkville’s School District, CUSD #115 and have watched the Yorkville Music Boosters grow and the Yorkville School’s Music Program Students excel. It has been time well invested and it is something we still support as Yorkville Music Boosters Patrons each year.

I have never thought of myself as politician, just a student of good, honest and transparent government that needs to be held accountable. In September of 2006 I became aware of a fast paced 19-day annexation scheme near my home and I started asking questions, which eventually led me to discover the 39.2 Fox Moraine Landfill Application being filed on Dec. 1, 2006. This inappropriate annexation scheme led me to get other active citizens involved. Together, we fought with all the fiber of our being. Failing was not an option. The rest is history. I did not want a landfill near my neighbors’ homes and I did not want one near any other county resident’s home either.

I have fought and invested my time to improve this county for the next generation. More recently in 2009, I was able to assist with the drafting of the new Kendall County 5-year Solid Waste Plan, which was approved, after intense public pressure, by our 2008-2010 county board and included a ban on landfills in our county until 2015. I was renamed to next Citizens Advisory Committee for the new Kendall County 5-year Solid Waste Plan that met in 2014 and help to draft the current 5-year Kendall County Solid Waste Plan which expires in 2020. The Illinois 2nd Appellate Court of Appeals decision affirmed the City of Yorkville decision to deny the Yorkville-Fox Moraine LLC landfill application at Sleepy Hollow Road and that was welcome news. The Fox Moraine LLC landfill was just one of the 3 Landfill applications we had to face in 2007. Three landfill applications defeated by active citizen involvement from within Kendall County – that was something I participated in and joined with others to publicly oppose during those 3 landfill hearings. As long as I am alive, and live in Kendall County, it will be something I will continue to monitor. This landfill experience has allowed me to learn more about what still needs to be done to have a more publicly accountable and transparent county government. Over this past decade I have been to Plano, Platteville. Millbrook and Yorkville and met many caring citizens along the way. It is those citizens who have asked me to be a part of our county’s government and help lead the way to the future as one of the ten county board members that will make decisions for all of us. I don’t always have the answer, but I do know how to ask questions and seek out other educated people to help me become more informed. That is what I think an elected official should do to cast an informed vote on your behalf.

I was a regular attendee of Yorkville City Council Meetings, attended the Plano city Council meeting for over a year, plus have attended the Kendall County Board Meetings regularly since 2007, speaking frequently to our current county board over the past 10 years.

Some have called me the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) King of Kendall County and as a citizen I have taken an active role in promoting and advocating for needed changes in our County.

My research led to the resignation of our former Chief Deputy, who I caught red handed charging 4 cases of beer on the county credit card that was issued to him.

The former Kendall County Coroner, Ken Toftoy also was caught using his Credit Card for questionable and undocumented beverage expenses in excess of $100, meaning no invoice or receipt that was never explained or properly disclosed.

This FOIA research led the Kendall County Board to draft a No Alcohol Policy for all County employees.

My FOIA research and the complaint I drafted led to the Kendall County Sherriff Commissary account being properly audited annually and a finding that inmate funds were being co-mingled with other Sherriff Dept. account funds. That separation of funds mandated by state law is now being performed. That research then led to another finding that the old Kendall County Sheriff’s Shooting Range lease with Burlington Northern Railroad was expired and needed to be updated, which led to the new Kendall Sheriff Dept. Shooting Range being moved to Southern Kendall County and being housed at an old quarry site. Many residents on both sides of the Fox River, downstream from Orchard Road, have expressed their gratitude for that shooting range being relocated to a more rural area of the county.

My FOIA research led to a written complaint I formally filed, which became the 2-year Kendall County Board Per-Diem Investigation. Many of the findings of that Forensic Audit remain uncorrected and have never been addressed by the current Kendall County Board. If I am elected, I will push to make those needed corrections identified in that $26,000 forensic audit.

My FOIA research has uncovered no-bid contracts and missing committee meeting minutes for the Kendall County Highway Committee while current Kendall County Board member Bob Davidson was the Chairman in 2010. That FOIA research also found another $300,000 No-Bid Bristol Township drainage job in the Lynwood Sub-division in 2010.

More recently, my FOIA research was the foundation for a Pam Zekman CBS Channel 2 Investigation into the Oswego Township Road Commissioner being in the State of Florida for 10 of the 12 month Oswego Township fiscal year. That Oswego Township Road Commissioner was being paid $96,000 a year to be on the job, not in Florida. Yet there is no State, County or Township law that says this behavior is illegal.

I brought to the Kendall County IT Dept. the need to monitor the County website for Malware and other harmful threats. At the time this matter was brought to the attention of County Administration, Google had already “Flagged” the County Website as being infected with harmful hacker programs. My involvement led to an initiative to use a specialized outside vender to keep the county website up-to-date and safe for citizen usage, free from harmful computer bugs.

I have called numerous Open Meeting violations and have caught the City of Plano, The City of Yorkville, Kendall County Government, Oswego Township Kendall Township and The Yorkville-Bristol Sanitary District in violations of the Open Meetings Act. This vigilance has led to fundamental changes in our county on how public meetings are properly noticed and properly held.

I am the Republican Precinct Committeeman for Fox Township. My oversight and advocacy recently led to the resignation of our Fox Township Commissioner and some new written expectations of what the job responsibilities will be for the newly appointed road Commissioner.

Now days, all I have to do is go to a public meeting and those elected to conduct the citizens’ business seem to know who I am without me ever have to introduce myself.

Kendall County and its elected officials have always had a tendency to do things their own unique way. Since I’ve been an engaged and active citizen, many of those old ways have been curtailed or ceased. I will confide to you that there is still much work to do in certain townships of Kendall County, especially in Oswego Township.

There are three things I would like to accomplish in the next 4 years:

  1. Put the County’s checkbook on line so you can also help me identify areas of the current budget and line item expenditures which can be curtailed or cut for more efficient utilization of county resources.
  2. Implement and install a County-wide citizen-staffed Oversight Committee for local law enforcement, starting with the Kendall County Sheriff’s Dept. With what happened in Fox Lake and recently in the City of Chicago, it would be prudent to have trusted citizens involved in the oversight of all citizens’ complaints made against any sworn officer of the law. If there is a finding that the complaint is valid and has merit for misdeeds or unprofessional behavior, that needs to be made public so needed corrections can be made accordingly. It is something I was asked to help with after Sheriff’s Baird election and I came up with some research to get this process started. Currently we are in negotiations with the several law enforcement unions, so now would be a good time to get some of the needed oversight implemented or at least move that discussion forward. Law enforcement body cameras are coming. The question becomes, what are we going to do with this new technology to get law enforcement administration and training for those entrusted to do that job?
  3. Cap the next two years’ County controlled spending to 2016-2017 allocated expenditure levels. We have one of the highest property tax percentages in the USA. We are a Republican County that continually asks year in and year out for more. I intend to hold the line and will not ask for more. It might even be possible to find some cuts, but that is something I can research more once I am elected and on the County Board.

For the past 10 years, I have been there, engaged and actively working, trying to make things better for all of us in Kendall County. Whether my help was wanted or not, I was contributing and most of the time it has led to much needed change. There is still much to do and I know I can do more and get some things done if I can talk longer than five minutes as a concerned citizen at a meeting, and I get to actually vote on the Kendall County Board.